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Do you have a plumbing emergency going on at your house? Do you have an annoying slow drain that takes way too long to empty your bathtub or sink? New construction plumbing in WashingtonOr maybe you're planning about re-doing your bathroom. If any of this situations sounds like your situation, these plumbing services can help. These firms service all of Bellingham and Whatcom county, including Ferndale, Lynden, Fairhaven, Birch Bay and Blaine.

Of course, some of the simpler household plumbing projects you can probably do yourself; other projects are better left to a professional. Here are some of the professionals in Whatcom county that can help you out.

Ball Plumbing is a full-service Bellingham plumbing company, and their plumbing professionals can repair or replace all types of faucets, toilets, water heaters, drain and sewer pipes, fresh water pipes, garbage disposals, re-circulating pumps and gas lines.

Northwest Plumbing Services has both a residential and commercial division, Residential plumber on the jobboth of which are capable of completing their jobs (either big or small) on time and on budget.

Favinger Plumbing is active in both commercial and residential construction in WA, as well as plumbing service and repair. They have full time service and repair trucks, stocked with the equipment and inventory needed to complete your northwest Washington project.

Sparky's Plumbing, Heating & Home Repair offers plumbing, heating, and home repairs for both residential and commercial customers.

You can check out our big list, but there's a lot of companies listed there.

There are specialty plumbers as well. For example, there are some firms that work primarliy in installing, testing and maintaining backflow assembly units at residential and commercial properties. Just to our south, down in the Lake Stevens, Lynnwood and Everett areas, several companies do backflow testing and other backflow services. Learn more about them.

How's your water heater holding up? Most of them last about ten years or so. Once you get a certain amount of years of use, they begin to accumulate deposits in the tank, they get noisy and sometimes they start to leak. And once you see any leaks, you better start to research local water heater replacement companies because you will most likely need one fairly soon. The folks at City Water Heater can help.

You can get businesses like these competing for your project:

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